Strong or Weak?

Strong or Weak?

Ever notice how when someone acts so very strong, they are usually struggling or not even remotely strong? In games such as poker, an old “tell” was when someone acted strong, they were actually weak.

Do you act strong when you are weak?

For when I am powerless, it is then that I am strong – Paul the Apostle

The exact same thing is true in the opposite direction. When you are truly weak, beaten down, and ready to give up: That is the moment of truth. The moment in which you truly find out what you are made of.

Life Motivational Exercise for Today:

When you see someone who is acting beaten down as in the description above … smile at them and tell them that you have been thinking about them. That’s all. Showing compassion to someone who is at the end of their rope could mean all of the difference in the world.