Regaining the Simple Life

Regaining the Simple Life

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At its roots, its core, life is not hard. Heck, it isn’t difficult at all. We need what? To breathe, to eat, shelter, and warmth. That’s pretty much all that we “need” in order to survive.

In this day of i-this and e-that, we have made our lives so much more difficult while attempting to make our lives easier … more convenient. Weird how that works, huh?

Take a look around you and what do you see everywhere? While you may answer “technology”, the bare truth is you see electronic prisons. Fifteen years ago, we could leave home without our cellphones. Thirty years ago, we would leave for the beach for a week … and nobody knew we were even there unless we told them. Now? Yea, so much different. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, What’s App, Kik. You name it and we likely post to there. We share the bright moments of our lives with virtual strangers.

Why Do We Do This to Ourselves?

The answer is pretty simple: we are seeking validation. We want our friends to see our wonderful lives. The new car. The vacation condo at the beach. Our freshly shaken martini. Our new clothes.

Life Does NOT have to be that way

My family has very slowly quit posting all about our lives on social media. Who cares if Tom in Tucson cares that you have a new dog? Do you even know Tom? Likely not.

Regaining the simple life is fairly easy. First, stop sharing every meal, every bright moment, every moment of a new baby’s life on the internet. Studies have shown that the happier to try to appear online, in fact, the more miserable you truly are.

Curtail your social media posts for one month. Heck, don’t post anything. Take that time to spend more time with your family. Experience new memories in the making without telling a single soul. Then look back and see the change in your life. Life isn’t hard nor difficult, but in our thirst for validation and immediate gratification, we make life so much more difficult than it has to be.