Do You Trust YOU?

Do You Trust YOU?

Do you catch yourself second guessing yourself? Does making a decision leave you frozen in fear? Life can be like that if we allow it.

As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Guess what? What if I told you that it didn’t have to be that way? Honestly, it doesn’t.

Take five minutes to just sit and meditate. See yourself making a decision and following through. You will be absolutely amazed at what you can do if you only allow yourself to “do it”.

One of the largest changes that I made coming into this year was brought on by listening to an audio book … yea … an audio book of all things.

I took the time to listen to Mark Manson’s “The Subtle Art of NOT Giving a Fuck” & honestly, it changed my entire outlook. I saw so much of myself within that book. It brought a truth to my life that opened my mind. Maybe it would work for you as well?

Try a FREE trial of Audible here, the book is basically free and so will another one … can’t beat free, right?