2018 is Gone

2018 is Gone

Take a deep breath. Think about 2018. Remember the times that were good to you, as well as the defining moments that were so rough that you honestly believed you would not make it through.

You Made it! 2018 is gone.

No matter what life threw at you last year, it is done. Finished. Behind you. Leave it there as you transition into 2019. This new year brings 365 new opportunities. 365 Turns. Your life account has just been replenished with 31,536,000 seconds. This is your opportunity to ensure that every second counts.

Did someone wrong you in 2018? Were you mean to someone last year? In either case, let it go. Breathe. If someone did you harm in the previous year, forgive them and let it go. If you you were the culprit? First seek your own forgiveness & then seek theirs. Then let it go.

You cannot grow if you are allowing what held you back last year to rule your life. Let it all go. It’s a new year, you made it!